Initial Consultation

I am pleased to offer a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation to help you assess whether counselling would be a helpful approach for you at this point in your life and for both of us to assess whether my skill set and approach  would be helpful to you .

Individual Counselling

I offer psychotherapy to adults who are wishing to make changes in their life. Counselling can be helpful for many reasons. Common reasons people seek counseling include anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, identity challenges, perfectionism, personal growth and change.

Marriage Preparation

Couples who are preparing to make a deeper commitment to one another often find it helpful to take some time to deliberately consider the strengths and challenges in their relationship. Using the Prepare/Enrich program (, I meet with couples and go through a number of areas that are important in a relationship. This assessment tool provides a working base from which we will explore your unique relationship. Meeting as a couple rather than in a group setting allows you to be candid about your experience, as well as to receive unique and specific guidance from me. People often worry that this process will somehow threaten the stability of the relationship – please be reassured that our purpose of is to strengthen the relationship and provide some guidance in any possible areas of challenge. Every relationship requires work; here you will be provided a road map highlighting the specific characteristics of your relationship.

This process includes the results of the Prepare/Enrich assessment tool, as well as two 80-minute consultations.


Supervision for provisional psychologists, psychotherapists and other counselors in training is available. I pay particular attention to personal growth and development, and am comfortable with a broad range of theoretical systems.


I offer workshops and seminars that focus on self-awareness and growth, enhancing strengths, and promoting healthy work environments, as well as particular topic areas. Please contact me to discuss how I can meet your needs. Previous workshops I have offered include:

  • Narrative Approaches to Understanding Family Systems
  • Spirituality in Psychotherapy

Dr. Julie Algra, Registered Psychologist #2237 BC

P: 604 378 9893

11014 Kitchen Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 6H5