About Dr. Algra

I have been engaged in the profession of counselling since the late ‘90’s and registered as a psychologist in Alberta in 2005. I have been a registered psychologist in BC since 2016. Currently, my primary focus is on working collaboratively with people to find new and different ways to address the issues and concerns that life brings. In this work, I attend to promoting inner strength and resiliency, and comfortably draw on a wide range of approaches to best meet your needs.

I have also been involved in training psychotherapists for many years – this has included teaching and supervising students taking master’s level training in counselling and psychotherapy at the University of Alberta, St. Stephen’s College and City University. As well, I have supervised the practice of provisional psychologists. These activities are energizing and stimulate my thinking in the areas of counselling, change, human development and human potential.

I am deeply committed to ethical, compassionate practice and hold memberships with the following organizations:

My Linkedin profile can be viewed by searching Julie Algra at www.linkedin.com.

Dr. Julie Algra, Registered Psychologist #2237 BC

E: julie@juliealgra.com
P: 604 378 9893

11014 Kitchen Road
Chilliwack, BC
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