My Counselling Approach

Dr Julie Algra

I am a warm, supportive person with a deep belief that each person has value, and that life presents different challenges to each of us. In practice, I am clear, practical and connected. I enjoy using humor with people and will speak what needs to be spoken in kindness and compassion. I am willing to join you in what seems unbearable or unspeakable. Previous clients have noted that my ability to work from different approaches to meet their needs is helpful. I am open to feedback on the counselling process and my approach in working with you.

As a practicing psychologist, I am interested in a variety of aspects of the profession. I maintain a psychotherapy practice, and I regularly engage in teaching and supervisory roles in various graduate level training programs. The combination of my roles influences my approach to people. I have a clear sense of the importance of an integrated deeply personal approach to psychotherapy and strive to help people grow and change in ways that make a difference in the relationships and contexts that their lives are lived in.

In serving this goal, I seek to create a counselling environment that is safe, respectful and energized. You will bring unique contributions to the counselling process, as will I. While I cannot solve your problem for you, I do believe that I have a unique perspective and valuable information to share with you. Together we will find ways to connect to your strengths as you learn and grow.

My path through life has shown me that a person’s understanding of spirituality can be influential in their ability to overcome whatever difficulty they are facing. I am interested in hearing about your whole life, and am comfortable including any aspect of your life that informs your concern or provides strength to you. If you wish, this may include your spiritual and religious beliefs and practices.

While it is makes sense to seek a counselor familiar with your particular situation, it is also important to be able to build a trusting, safe relationship with your counselor. I have been privileged to be part of many successful counseling relationships in which I was honored to witness substantial growth and change in the other person. Throughout my years training and working as a psychologist, I have enjoyed a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in being able to engage with people in real, meaningful and rewarding ways. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Dr. Julie Algra, Registered Psychologist #2237 BC

P: 604 378 9893

11014 Kitchen Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 6H5